we recover your damaged photos and documents and more!

Client satisfaction is the central principle of Docreko. We understand how much you value your photos and documents, and will ensure to handle them with utmost care and attention.We are highly confident in our results, and will not charge you if you are not 100% satisfied.

We've got what you need!

It is the added effect of expertise and innovation that makes Docreko the worldwide master in document damage recovery. We avert and alleviate the impacts of water, fire and weather on your documents and photographs. Docreko is the worldwide pioneer in document recovery, serving a scope of customers in sectors ranging from private corporations, to public government agencies. We guarantee a fast and accurate recovery that undoes or reduces financial, clerical or sentimental losses. We provide top-notch services. Our award-winning customers service, coupled with our cutting-edge technology and equipment ensures that our solutions sustainable, reliable and affordable.

Why choose us?


Our 24 hours a day, 365 days a year service joined by our award-winning client support enables us to respond to all inquiries quickly and effectively, every single time.


Our cloud-based network ensures an efficient and effective solution to every case presented to us. No matter where you are and what you do, we are your document recovery partners.


Several years of experience in mitigating and recovering damages caused by elements of fire, water and weather have boosted our status to the pioneers of the cutting-edge of this industry.


We specialize in document and photo recovery, and dedicated staff have been rated the fastest in industry for assessment, estimation and effective completion of document recovery tasks.


A quick, reliable and useful solution is imperative when dealing with damaged documents. Documents can be affected negatively by factors such as fire, water and weather.


our policy

Your sensitive photos and documents are handled with extreme care, we provide a full cost breakdown and await your positive approval before any restoration works begin. You are always covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.

privacy policy

The protection of the privacy of your photos, documents and all confidential details you entrust with us, is 100% guaranteed. Our works are never transferred to any third-party contractors and are only handled by our dedicated and professional staff.

ownership and copyright

You must own and hold the full rights to all photos and documents that you provide us. A written and signed notice from the owner can also be acceptable. The entirety of the material on and all its rights are reserved.

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